How to Trim Goat Hooves



Nip away the front nail.,
Cut along the sides of the nail.,
Level the bottom of the hoof.

Once you’ve cleaned your goat’s hooves, you can begin the trimming process. Start with the front of the nail, using your hoof shears to trim. Goats nails become overgrown easily when they’re kept domestically. In the wild, their feet would get worn down by climbing and jumping.

Clip at the tip of the front nails. Keep clipping until you see a white surface emerge. Do not clip further than this. If you clip into a pink surface, this can make your goat bleed.Try to clip in a straight line. You want your goat’s hooves to be level to the ground., Once you’ve clipped the front nails, move on to the sides of the nails. Keep using the hoof shears. Goats have two toes on each foot, as well as two heels on each toe. Clip on the sides around these toes, once again clipping until you reach the white part of the hoof. Clip around the heel as well., Remember, you want your goat’s hooves to be level with the ground. This helps your goat walk smoothly. Now, you’ll be using your rasp or knife to level the bottom of the hoof.

If you use a knife, move from the toe to the heel. If you use a rasp, move from the heel to the toe.Use multiple strokes, trimming off a very thin layer with each stroke. Keep trimming until the goat’s hooves are flat and level with the ground. Stop if you start to see pink.

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