How to Treat Powassan Disease



Determine if you have been at risk.,
Identify the symptoms.,
Get blood and spinal tests.

You may be worried about whether or not you are at risk. Powassan virus is spread through bites from infected ticks. The areas of known cases include the northeastern and Great Lakes regions of the US. You are at risk if you have been bitten by a tick in one of these areas.Ticks are most active during the spring, summer, and fall. You are at the greatest risk in wooded or brushy areas.;
, Often, Powassan virus does not present any symptoms. The symptoms that are associated with the virus include neurological problems, like memory problems, lack of coordination, confusion, problems speaking, and seizures.You also may experience vomiting, fever, headache, a stiff neck, or muscle and joint aches.

, If you think you have Powassan virus, go to the doctor. They will do a physical exam and talk to you about your symptoms and recent travel and outdoor activity. If they suspect Powassan virus, they will take blood and spinal fluid samples. Then they will test these samples for antibodies consistent with the virus.It may take up to two weeks to get the results.

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