How to Treat Powassan Disease



Cover yourself when outdoors.,
Walk only on cleared paths.,
Use tick repellent.,
Pretreat clothing with permethrin.,
Search your body.,
Bathe after being outside.,
Wash or tumble dry your clothes.

Ticks can easily get on your skin if you bump into a limb or walk through grass where they live. If possible, wear clothing that covers your skin as much as possible when outdoors. This includes long sleeves, pants, socks, and boots.Some of these items may not be feasible depending on the climate or activity, but try to cover up as much as possible.

, You may enjoy walking through the woods, but make sure you stay on cleared paths. This helps reduce your risk of being exposed to ticks. Don’t wander off clear and mowed trails into tall grasses or brush. This increases your risk of exposure., When you go outdoors into areas where you may be exposed to ticks, use a safe tick repellent. DEET-based tick repellents can be effective. Make sure the concentration is 20 percent or more. Place the repellent on your skin and clothing., If you are going camping or are going to be outside in a tick-infested area for long periods of time, treat your clothing and gear with permethrin. You should treat boots, pants, socks, and tents. Do this two weeks before you wear the clothes or use the gear. Don’t reapply, and don’t put permethrin on your skin., As soon as you get back from being outdoors, check your entire body. Use a handheld or full-length mirror to check parts of your body you cannot see. Make sure to check common areas that ticks will bite you, such as under the arms, around the ears, in the navel, behind your knees, between your legs, along the waist, and in the hair., You should take a bath or shower within two hours of being outdoors in an area where you may be exposed to ticks. This can help remove ticks crawling on you and help you find any that may be on your skin., Remove your clothes immediately when you come home. Throw them into the washing machine and use hot water. If you don’t want to wash them, place them in the dryer and leave them for at least 10 minutes on high heat.If you cannot wash or dry the clothes in hot water or high heat, place the clothes in the dryer and tumble on a lower heat setting for around 90 minutes.

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