How to Treat Polyoma Virus in Conures



Purchase from a reputable store or breeder.,
Disinfect with an oxidizer.,
Get your bird vaccinated.

When purchasing a conure, choose a reputable store or breeder. Ask whether polyoma virus testing and vaccination are performed on the birds as well as their parents, which should always be done as part of a responsible breeding process. Never buy a conure that is not yet weaned form its mother, and do not trust any merchant who tries to sell birds that prematurely., Many disinfectants are not strong enough to kill all traces of the polyoma virus. Use an oxidizer (such as chlorine bleach) to clean your bird’s cage, food bowls, toys, perches, and anything else it comes in direct contact with.Dilute 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of chlorine bleach with 500 ml (2 cups) of water to make a cleaning solution.This process should also be completed if your conure is treated for polyoma.

, There is an anti-polynoma vaccine available for young birds but its effectiveness is not yet proven. Ask your veterinarian if your conure should be vaccinated. Note the treatment costs $40-60 per bird, and requires annual booster shots.The vaccine is administered in a double dose. The first is given to birds at four weeks of age, the second at six to eight weeks of age.Adult birds can also be given the vaccination, although polyoma is more common in younger birds.

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