How to Treat Injured Cockatiels



Take your bird to the vet as soon as possible.,
Wrap broken wings loosely to prevent movement.,
Take the bird to the vet immediately if the leg or skull is broken.,
Monitor for signs of illness.

If your bird gets injured, even if it is a minor injury, you should take them to the vet. Taking them to the vet is important so that you can have the vet check over your bird, make sure there are no other wounds, and administer any additional needed care.Most towns have vets that can see and treat birds.

, If you’re taking your bird to the vet for a broken wing bone, you need to secure the wings. The bird may try to flap the wings or fly, which could cause further damage. Wrap gauze loosely around the bird to secure the wings. Tape the gauze so it doesn’t come loose.Don’t wrap the gauze too tightly around the bird. Wrapping them too tightly will restrict the bird’s breathing.

, Leg or skull breaks should not be treated at home. Don’t try to wrap or treat them. Take the bird to the vet immediately if they experience this kind of break., Most birds hide their weaknesses and won’t let you know they are sick. Keep a close eye on your bird to make sure it’s okay and doing well. You know your bird, so if something is off, take them to the vet. Taking them to the vet is especially important if your bird has suffered a recent injury.You can weigh the bird monthly to make sure they are not losing weight. Weight loss without being on a diet is one of the first signs of problems.

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