How to Treat Hamster Respiratory Illnesses



Place the cage in a comfortable location.,
Keep the cage well ventilated.,
Clean your hamster’s cage regularly.,
Do not overcrowd the cage.

After your hamster has recovered from its respiratory illness, take steps to make sure it doesn’t become sick again. Just like during treatment, your hamster’s cage should be in a draft-free area that is out of direct sunlight., If your hamster’s cage does not have enough fresh air flowing through, there could be a buildup of ammonia from your hamster’s urine. The ammonia could irritate your hamster’s airways and cause respiratory problems. Wire cages provide much better air flow than glass aquariums.

If you have a glass aquarium, you can use a mesh lid rather than buying a whole new cage. A mesh lid would increase air flow through the cage.
A lack of fresh air could also make your hamster’s cage very humid, which could lead to respiratory illnesses. A well-ventilated cage will prevent your hamster’s cage from becoming humid., A dirty living environment can cause respiratory illnesses in hamsters. To keep your hamster’s cage in good shape, clean it twice a week. Cleaning your hamster’s cage involves replacing the bedding, as well as washing the water bottle, food bowl, and other cage accessories with soap and water.

Before you start cleaning, place your hamster in a separate cage.After cleaning, let the cage and cage accessories dry completely before putting everything (and your hamster) back in the cage.
Do not clean the cage too often. This could remove your hamster’s scent from the cage items, making the cage feel unfamiliar to your hamster., An overcrowded cage would be stressful to your hamster. This stress could weaken your hamster’s immune system, making a respiratory illness more likely.If you have a pair of dwarf or Chinese hamsters, their cage should be at least 2.6 feet x 1.6 feet x 1 foot (80 cm x 50 cm x 35 cm).If you have more than a pair of dwarf or Chinese hamsters, consider buying a larger cage or another cage of the same size.
Remember that Syrian hamsters must not be housed in groups because they are very territorial.

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