How to Treat Gastrointestinal Problems in Guinea Pigs



Move your guinea pig’s cage to a dark, quiet area.,
Exercise your guinea pig each day.,
Have your vet trim your guinea pig’s teeth.

Your guinea pig will feel pretty lousy when it has a GI problem. Before you begin treating your guinea pig, move its cage to a dark and quiet area of your home.This will help your guinea feel safe and comfortable as it recovers.

If your guinea pig has a cage mate, separate it from the cage mate until its treatment is complete.

, Exercise increases food movement through the GI tract. Exercise your guinea pig for 10 to 15 minutes about every 8 hours. You can either create a guinea pig-proof play area in your home or allow your guinea pig outside in an enclosed grazing area.To guinea pig-proof a room, remove all electrical wires and cords. Also, block access to stairs and cover all vents.In the outdoor grazing area, your guinea pig could nibble on grass, which would increase its roughage and fiber intake., Dental problems, especially overgrown incisors or molars, can make it difficult for a guinea pig to eat. If a guinea pig can’t eat, it may develop a GI problem.To prevent overgrown teeth, your vet can trim them.

Do not try to trim your guinea pig’s teeth by yourself. You could end up splitting the teeth and making the dental problem even worse.

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