How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Find out the cause of the plucked feathers.

Again, there are many causes. You must find out what could be a possible cause and what couldn’t be a possible cause. A list of causes can be seen below:

Mating causes bald heads in female quail. If this is a possible cause, the female quail should be the only ones with bald heads and the males should be the cause.
Quail attacking each over causes plucked feathers. When quail attack they will pull out each over’s feathers. Usually only males attack each over but it is possible that you could have a female bully in the flock. The bully should be the one with full feathers and the victims should be the ones with plucked feathers.
Mites causes feather plucking. Mites are small black bugs that live in quails feathers. If this is the cause the quail will be pecking at their own feathers.
Malnutrition causes feather plucking. This means that if the quail are getting a bad diet they will pluck their own feathers.
Stress causes feather plucking. Many things cause stress in quail including lack of space, disturbances, prey, etc.
The quail could be hitting their heads on the top of the cage. When frightened, quail fly straight up to the roof which causes damage to their heads. It can also cause baldness on their heads.;

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