How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Realize that when quail are frightened they will fly upwards.,
Remove the cause of the quail hitting their head.,
Build or buy an appropriate home for your quail.,
Provide padding on the top of your quail’s cage.

This results in the quail hitting their head on the roof of their cage and causing harm to their head. If your quail continues to hit their head on the top of the cage they will form a bald head.

, If the quail is hitting their head it’s because something is frightening them. It could either be you, other people, pets, other animals, or predators. Find the culprit and get rid of them to keep your quail stress-free.

, Quail are birds that like to hide a lot; they often feel threatened when exposed. To see how you can acquire a better home for your quail, see below:

Make sure the housing has a flat, non-mesh roof. This is so that when birds fly over the housing the quail won’t be able to see them or get scared by them.
Avoid open meshed cages. Cages that have mesh on all sides aren’t the best for your quail. When frightened, quail like a corner to hide in so that they feel safe. Cages with corners in them are also a lot safer than open cages. Predators such as birds or raccoons can grab or peck at your quail and the quail will have no corner to go to in an open meshed cage.

, This is so that when your quail fly’s upwards, the padding will cushion its head resulting in no harm and no bald spots.

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