How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Find out why the quail are stressed.,
Remove any pets from the room of the quail.,
Make sure the housing is predator proof.,
Make sure the quail get no disturbances.

Many things cause stress including pets, predators, high traffic, disturbances, fast movements, things above, too much light or too much noise.

, Many pets can be seen as predators of quail, including dogs, cats and birds. Remove these pets and make sure they can’t go near the quail housing.

, Dogs, cats, raccoons, rats, snakes and birds are all predators of quail. Also, if the cage is open on all sides and above, the quail will get spooked easily as they prefer a corner to retreat to when scared.

Make sure nothing can dig underneath the cage. Small dogs can easily dig underneath the cage and get inside. Add wiring at the bottom of the cage or add wiring all around the cage and underground.
Make sure the wiring spacing isn’t too big. Raccoons can reach their hands through the wiring of the cage and grab hold of the quail. Snakes will also get through. If you get this problem, make sure the wire spacing isn’t too big.
Make sure there are no holes or cracks in the cage. Rats and snakes will slip through them and get hold of the quail. Inspect the cage and fix it up.
Make sure the housing has a roof. If the housing is in an area where birds can fly by (e.g. outdoors), the quail will get spooked easily as anything above them they find threatening. Make sure the quail cannot see predators above them by adding a roof.

, Make sure they are in a low-traffic room and that you don’t disturb them unless necessary such as for feeding, cleaning or collecting eggs. Keep other pets out of the same room as the quail and make sure no young children are frequently going into the room and playing with the quail.

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