How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Realize what makes a well-balanced diet for quail.,
Purchase a feed with at least 20% protein.,
Give your quail a limited amount of treats.,
Provide a source of calcium for your laying quail hens.,
Supplement your quails diet with grit.,
Observe the quail after a week.

If your quail are malnutrition it means that they aren’t getting a good enough diet. Quail need a feed with at least 20% protein, limited treats and extra calcium and grit. All these will keep your quail healthy and happy.

, A game bird feed, or turkey mix should contain a high amount of protein. You can find these in feed stores, pet shops, and possible your local grocery store. The bird feed should make up most of your quail’s diet.

, You can give your quail vegetables, fruit, bugs or table scraps to support their diet. However, do need feed them avocado, uncooked potato, uncooked egg, stems and leaves of tomato plants, lettuce, alcohol or salty treats. These can be toxic to your quail.

, Calcium will make the quail’s eggs become stronger. Crushed oyster shells or egg shells are a great source of calcium. Provide the calcium in a separate bowl rather than in the same feed bowl so that the males will not have to eat it too.

, Grit will help your quail grind down their food. They will not need grit if they live on the ground as most things in the dirt will replace the grit.

, After a week or so of feeding your quail the correct food, observe them to see if they still pluck their feathers. If they do still pluck their feathers the cause might be from something else.

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