How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Realize that males will attack each over regardless the situation.,
Remove any quail that show signs of bleeding.,
Identify the bully.,
Realize that females will attack as well.,
Separate all male quail.,
Give the quail more space.,
Separate the bullying quail.,
If the quail still continues to attack, decide what you’re going to do.,
Be aware that the bullying quail might just not get along with its partner.

Male quail are very aggressive and territorial towards each over, which means they cannot be housed together. If you have more than one male in one cage, this is most likely the cause of the quail plucking feathers.

Although quail shouldn’t be housed together, there is a way. Give the quail plenty of space to roam around and provide hiding spots for the quail to retreat to if chased. This may be a possible may to house the males together and has been done before. The occasional chase is okay, it’s to show dominance.

, If any of the quail are wounded, you must remove them from the enclosure immediately. Otherwise the bloody quail will get pecked at and attacked even more. See How to Care for a Wounded Quail for more information.

, There’s usually just one quail that attacks the others, and there’s usually a reason for it.

, Although it’s more common for males to attack each over, females will attack as well. Females will even attack males.

, Males cannot be housed together, otherwise they will fight. This is why you must separate them. Keep in mind that quail are social birds, meaning they have to be partnered with someone and not be left alone.

, Quail will attack if they don’t have much space, it’s a territorial move. Give the quail at least 1 square foot of floor space each, more space is better as it’s possible for the quail to continue attacking even if they have 1 square foot of floor space each. Quail love to have room to roam around; it keeps them happy.

, If the quail still continues to attack the others, separate it in another cage and provide it with a partner.

, If the bullying quail continues to attack it’s partner, you might have to rehome or cull it.

, Provide the quail with another partner if this is the case, and see how they get along.

If the bullying quail is a male, provide him with more hens. At least two or three hens are fine. The feather plucking could also be because the male is over mating the females.

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