How to Treat Feather Plucking in Quail



Realize that all quail mate and it is common to get bald heads.,
Add more females to the flock.,
Separate males from females.

Before you go and cull or rehome the culprit quail, consider whether you’re being too harsh or your doing it for the good of the flock. Before you do rehome or cull the quail, consider trying the steps below first.

, Normally, when a female quail has a bald head due to mating it means that she’s the only female in the cage and the male is focused on her. If you add more females to the cage the male won’t be constantly mating with just one particular female.

Be aware that some quail can get stressed if they are housed in a big group, they don’t have a lot of space or they are taken away from their home. Before adding more quail to the flock create more space for them to prevent stress from close confinement.
The quail may chase each over for now. This is normal and it’s only to show dominance. However, keep a close watch on the quail just to be on the safe side.

, If your hens continue to get bald heads you might want to separate them. Whilst separating them you should put them in pairs or house all females together and give the males one female each.

Housing quail together is hard since they fight a lot, but it can be done. If you give them plenty of space, hiding spots and keep them happy they will live in peace. An occasional chase is normal; it shows dominance.

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