How to Travel with Back Pain



Wear slip on shoes.,
Make sure to move periodically.,
Lift luggage carefully.,
Request assistance when moving luggage if possible.,

The shoes you wear for travel can help with your back, especially if you’ll be moving around a lot during your trip. Slip on shoes are generally your best option, especially during air travel. They’re easily to slip on and off, preventing pain from bending over and removing shoes, which you usually need to do at airport security.Make sure your slip on shoes also have adequate support. You need shoes with a slight arch that can slip on and off easily.

, For every hour, move around for five minutes. This will keep your muscles active, preventing pain. Set a timer to keep track of time.If you’re driving, pull over every five minutes to walk around.
If you’re, get up every five minutes, if possible. Sometimes, the seatbelt sign will be on, which means you’ll have to stay in your seat.

, Lifting up heavy luggage can cause or aggravate back pain during a long trip. When lifting luggage, bend at your knees and not at your back. Pivot upward with your feet rather than twisting your lower back.With heavy items, carry them as close to the body as possible.
Keep your weight distributed evenly on both sides of your body.
If you’re carrying a shoulder bag, periodically switch which shoulder you’re carrying it on.

, If your back is already hurting, see if you can get assistance lifting luggage. Some airports and hotels may provide assistance lifting luggage. You can also try asking as fellow passenger if you’re struggling to lift something into an overhead compartment., On an airplane, stand up and stretch every hour or so. When driving, pull over for a stretch now and again. If you’re a passenger, stretch periodically in your seat.For a hamstring stretch, bend at the waist while keeping your legs straight. Try to touch your toes and hold the position for 30 to 45 seconds.
If sitting, move to the edge of your chair. Straighten your leg, keeping your heel on the floor. Sit up straight by pushing your navel towards your thigh and arching your back. Hold this for 30 seconds.

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