How to Trap a Robin Bird



Turn the lights off and close the blinds.,
Watch the bird for a few minutes to determine her flight path.,
Stretch you’re netting between both hands, making sure to shake out any wrinkles or folds that might allow the robin to escape.,
Walk up behind the bird slowly, moving in as close as possible.,
Put your gloves on and pick up the bird, making sure the net stays around her.

Quiet,dark locations will help calm the bird and make him easier to capture. If there are no blinds, wait until it is dark outside to make the robin easier to catch.;
, Robins like to perch on raised surfaces and move frequently. To avoid the capture in the wild, observing her will allow you to figure out the best place to catch her at.

, Choose netting that is small enough to prevent the robin from escaping, such as quarter bird netting. Substitute an old towel or curtain, if you do not have netting on hand.

, The bird may fly away on you’re first approach, so move with her to the next perch. If she becomes frightened, once you get within a couple of feet, throw the net over the robin so that it totally covers her.

, The gloves will prevent the robin from pecking at you as you move her outside. Gently untangle her from the netting, making sure she is totally free of it before turning her loose.

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