How to Train Your Hamster to Jump Through a Hoop



Get a hula hoop that is hamster size.,
Put your hamster on the floor, next to the hoop sitting flat on the floor.,
Start raising the hula hoop.,
Try getting your hamster a ball.,
Advance the stakes.

It could be a large ring covered in ribbon or a purpose-made one from the pet store. It must be large enough that the hamster can fit through it with ease but not so large the hamster isn’t aware of going through an object.;
, Get a treat or push your hamster a little over the hoop. Repeat 1-4 times.

Put a treat on the opposite side from where your hamster is starting. This will encourage your hamster to step through the hoop and eat the treat.

, Now that your hamster is comfortable with walking over the hoop, start raising the hoop and encouraging your hamster to walk through it. Keep the base of the hoop right on the floor, your hamster is still getting used to things. And keep a treat on the other side to encourage walking through the hoop.

, This will help teach your hamster to stretch its body, which can be helpful when you’re about to teach the hamster to start jumping up and through the hoop. Spend time rolling the ball away from the hamster and encouraging to chase after it, lunge for it, etc. Again, make use of treats.

, Now it’s time to teach your hamster to jump in the air. Raise the hoop just above the floor and hold it in place (or use something to hold it in place). Try giving your hamster treats or calling its name to get it to jump up and through the hoop. You’ll need to keep practicing a lot, so have patience and be dedicated.

Do not raise the hoop too high. Your hamster is delicate and shouldn’t be landing from any great height. Keep the jump level very small and keep the landing soft, such as a nice soft carpet or a padded surface.

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