How to Train Your Hamster to Come when You Call



Make sure that your hamster is familiar with your scent and voice.,
Get a sunflower seed or any other delicious treat that you know your hamster likes.,
Move your end at the end of your hamster’s cage, opposite of where it is sitting.,
When your hamster comes to your hand, let it take the treat and eat it.

Repeat the above steps several times.,
After the hamster comes to your hand several times in a row, repeat steps above, except without the treat.,
Wash your hands to remove any germs or odors that may hurt or scare your hamster.,
Place a treat in the palm of your hand.

Hold your hand at the end of the cage, opposite of where your hamster is sitting.,
As the hamster comes towards you for the treat, repeat its name several times in a slow and clear manner.,
Repeat the steps above, but move the treat a little farther from your hamster each time.,
Soon, you can start calling it towards you without a treat.

Wash your hands before and after handling your hamster, as strong odors on your hands might alarm the hamster. Certain scents will cause the hamster to flee. Plus, washing your hands well before handling your hamster will make sure you aren’t introducing any germs to it that might cause its health to go down.

, Place it in the palm of your hand.

, Slowly move your hand up and down to get the smell of the treat to your hamster’s nose more effectively. This will make sure it knows there is a treat at the other end.

Keep in mind that some hamsters – such as the dwarf varieties – will consider movements a threat and either run for safety or bite! Hand movement should be slow and non-threatening.
If your hamster appears frightened by you, stop moving.

,, However, have your hand closed over the treat the next few times so your hamster can’t tell whether you have a treat in your hand or not.

, After a while, the hamster should come when you hold out your hand.

, Again, this is best for its health and safety.;
,, Let it know you have a treat in your hand by slowly moving your hand up and down to get the scent towards it.

, Make sure you don’t mumble or say its name too fast; otherwise, the hamster might not understand.

, Also, close your hand around the treat so that it can’t see it.

If your hamster shies away at the thought of coming any closer, move your hand back to where it originally was and patiently work your way farther and farther. However, don’t move too far at once!

, When it comes to you, give it a stroke or cuddle. However, keep in mind that if you continually do this and never give it a treat again, your hamster may refuse to respond or come to your any more. Give your hamster treats frequently, but not all the time.

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