How to Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain



Eliminate other sources of water.,
Keep the fountain away from the food bowl.,
Place the pet fountain somewhere your pet feels safe.

If you offer your pet both a pet fountain and a regular water bowl, it will continue to use the same boring old water bowl that it always has. Instead of offering your pet options, dump the old water bowl, wash it well, and store it in a cupboard. Make the pet fountain your cat’s only option for drinking water., Cats don’t naturally locate their food near their drinking water. Plus, if any water splashes from the fountain onto the food, it could cause the food to turn to become damp and mushy. Alternatively, if food gets in the fountain by accident, the water could be contaminated. Place your fountain in a different room than the food bowl.For similar reasons, do not place your pet fountain too near the litterbox.

, Cats often spend more time in part of the house than in others. Monitor your pet’s behavior carefully to discover if it has a favorite room or space in the house. Place your pet fountain in this favorite space. Your cat might enjoy drinking from the pet fountain in:the library
the living room
the basement
Cat owners often place their pet fountains on tables or stands. Ensure your pet has enough room to move about without knocking the pet fountain over if you choose to place it on a table or stand.

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