How to Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain



Let your pet get used to the fountain.,
Get a quieter fountain.,
Reward your cat.,
Don’t worry if you pet doesn’t drink much.,
Do not punish your cat for not drinking from the fountain.

Pet fountains make some pets nervous. Fill the fountain, but don’t turn it on. Your pet’s curiosity will quickly overtake it. Once it begins using the fountain regularly, turn it on once or twice each week. If it has multiple settings, turn it on the lowest setting. As your pet familiarizes itself with the fountain, leave the fountain on more and more often and set it to higher settings., Some pet fountains are especially noisy. Fountains made of plastic, especially, tend to be louder and amplify the sound of the fountain motor. Ceramic fountains, on the other hand, are much quieter.If you suspect your pet is scared of the sound of the fountain, try a different model with a lower volume.

Sometimes loud fountains are consequence of a low water level or a dirty impeller.Clean your fountain’s impeller and ensure the water reaches to at least its minimum level.

, When your cat drinks from the pet fountain, give it a small kitty treat. This will create a positive association in your cat’s mind with the act of drinking from the pet fountain, and encourage it to continue doing so.Give it a treat immediately after it finishes drinking from the pet fountain. Be consistent in rewarding your cat for using the fountain at first.
Gradually reduce the frequency of your rewards. Over time, offer your cat verbal praise or the chance to play a game after it drinks from the fountain instead of a treat. (Though it’s okay to still offer a treat now and then.)

, If your pet eats wet food, you may notice that it drinks less than your friends’ cats, or less than other pets in your house that eat dry food. But the added water content of wet food means your pet does not need to drink as much water. Cats who eat dry food, on the other hand, will need to drink more water to digest their food properly and stay hydrated., If your cat doesn’t drink from the fountain, or tries to drink from your dog’s water dish, don’t yell at your cat, strike it, or place it in its cage. These behaviors will only cause your cat to be fearful and will not encourage it to drink from the fountain.

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