How to Train Your Cat Not to Scratch the Furniture



Pay attention to what your cat scratches and when.,
Buy a scratching post.,
Put the post in a strategic position.

Typically, cats scratch to mark their territory, sharpen their claws, and stretch their bodies. Pay attention to when and what your cat likes to scratch to figure out how to offer a suitable replacement that will be equally enticing.Many cats have a preferred place and time to scratch, like right after a nap or when you come home. They also have preferences for the type of texture they like to scratch (often some type of nubby fabric that gives just the right amount of resistance).;
, Look for something that is as similar in texture to your furniture as you can find (including density and roughness of fabric). In many cases, cats prefer a scratching post that is similar in texture to tree bark.

There are many products available, including some that are infused with catnip. You an also rub catnip into any type of scratching toy., Since you’ve observed your cat’s habits, you are familiar with when and where she feels the urge to scratch. You should put the post somewhere that is convenient for her. For example, if she prefers to stretch on a post after a nap, put a scratching post near her bed. You might buy a couple of different types of scratching posts and put them in different places, especially if you have more than one cat. Place a post in every room that she frequents so that she won’t be overcome with the urge to scratch furniture there instead.

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