How to Train Your Cat Not to Scratch the Furniture



Trim her nails.,
Cover the sides of the furniture.,
Deter her with scent.,
Give your cat interesting things to do.

One reason cats scratch furniture is to wear off the ends of their nails, which in the wild would wear down naturally from climbing and catching prey. If you keep her nails trimmed, she will have less of a physical need to scratch.You can use special cat claw clippers from the pet store, or a pair of human nail clippers or small scissors. Cat claws are retractable, so you have to access the claws to trim them. Holding your cat’s paw, gently press on the knuckle just behind the claw to cause the claw to extend from the paw. Very carefully trim off the very tip of the claw, but no more than that. Be sure to do both front paws about every ten daysand both back paws as needed.If you are uncomfortable with trimming her nails, ask a groomer or veterinarian to show you how.

, The cat likes the feel of your furniture under her claws, so you can deter her by covering it with something less appealing.Try double sided tape, sandpaper, aluminum foil, or even a plastic carpet runner., Cats naturally avoid certain scents like citrus or menthol, so you can use this to your advantage by putting these types of scents near the area she likes to scratch to deter her behavior.You can use essential oils on a cotton ball, or you can even buy spray products that are specifically formulated to deter cats and spray items you don’t want your cat getting on. There are even natural products in health food stores.

, Sometimes cats scratch simply from boredom, so provide plenty of cat toys and other stimulating activities to keep her occupied.

You don’t have to spend any money; cats are fascinated with simple things like a cardboard box or paper bag. Set out a box or paper bag for her and watch her have fun.

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