How to Train Parrots to Make Less Noise



Check for health issues.,
Ensure that your parrot’s needs are being met.,
Change up your bird’s toys.,
Give your bird reassurance.

Sometimes screaming can be caused by pain, and it’s worth a trip to an experienced avian veterinarian to check that your parrot doesn’t have health issues.Blood feathers (aka pin feathers) may be difficult to diagnose at home. A blood feather is a new, growing feather, which will always have a vein and artery that runs the length of the feather. If irritated or broken off, this feather can cause bleeding. It is not usually life-threatening, but can be painful for your bird. Apply pressure to the site of the bleeding. If it continues to bleed, you may need to take your bird to the vet to have that feather removed.Overgrown toe nails can be painful for parrots, making it difficult to perch properly and posing a risk of getting snagged and broken on fabrics around the house., Check that the cage is not too small, that your parrot has plenty of suitable toys to play with, and that it has enough food and water.

Parrots need a diet of around 70% pellets of formulated parrot food, supplemented with plenty of healthy vegetables and the occasional fruit.Parrots require at least an hour of playtime with you. Also expect to provide plenty of interaction throughout the day in addition to at least 1 hour of play. If you’re unable to provide this, consider finding another home your parrot.
Parrots need ten to twelve hours of sleep every day or they can bite or scream; you can use a bought cage cover or simply a blanket to cover their cage every night to ensure they receive enough sleep., If your bird is prone to boredom but responds well to toys, it’s possible your bird needs new stimuli on a regular basis. Try giving it a new toy every few weeks, and change up what type of toys you give him.Birds like toys with a variety of sizes and stimulating textures that are conducive to chewing or standing on.Toys with sounds can be particularly attractive to parrots.Birds like mirrors. It allows them to look at themselves, and some birds may think they are seeing a different bird.Provide your parrot with interactive toys. Something with a ladder or some type of puzzle component will engage your bird and challenge it intellectually.Make sure the toys you choose are not too big or too small for your bird., Birds in the wild participate in “flock calls” as a way of communicating with other birds and ensuring the safety of the flock. If your bird is prone to squawking when you leave the room, it could be its attempt at sending you a flock call. Try squawking back at it from the other room to let it know where you are and reassure it that you’re safe.

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