How to Train Parrots to Make Less Noise



Turn out the lights.,
Keep the noise down.,
Avoid quick movements.,
Take note of its reactions.

Some birds feel over-stimulated when exposed to too much sunlight. Parrots generally need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep each night. Exposure to more than 12 hours of light each day can lead to elevated hormone levels, aggressive behavior, and increased noise output. Close the curtains in the afternoon to limit sunlight exposure, and put a sheet or cover over your bird’s cage when you go to bed.Make sure there’s enough air flow coming in under the sheet you use.
Do not use polyester, as this fabric does not breathe well.
For best light blocking, use a black cloth.

, Some parrots respond to environmental sound with their own sound. If you’re watching television or listening to music at home, keep it at a relatively low volume. Keeping things quiet at home may produce a calmer, quieter bird.Talk quietly. Birds will often quiet down to hear what you are saying.
Try providing white noise for your parrot, especially if it screams when you’re not home. The television is fine (at a low volume), but be wary of leaving nature shows on, as the sound of birds squawking could provoke more noise from your parrot.

, It’s possible that you or someone in your household is moving too quickly around your bird, causing it to feel anxious or over-stimulated. Move slowly around your bird, and encourage everyone else in your household to do the same.Always supervise children when they handle or interact with the parrot.
Discourage children from running through or around in the room your parrot is in. This may frighten or excite your bird.

, It’s possible that your bird is distressed by the sight of certain physical characteristics. Wearing a hat around your bird may cause it to feel uncertain or anxious about who you are. Likewise with certain types of eyewear, and even certain colors in clothing. If your bird is only making excessive noise on certain occasions, it could be in response to something that’s different about you or someone in your home. Try to avoid wearing whatever upsets your bird, or expose it to it slowly and gradually so it becomes used to it.

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