How to Train Chickens to Return to Their Coop



Prepare your chicken coop.,
Check the temperature inside the coop.,
Keep your chickens confined to the coop for a week.,
Allow the chickens to leave the coop after a week.

Before you can train your chickens to return to the coop in the evening, you need to ensure the coop is set up properly for your chickens. A basic chicken coop should provide at least twenty-four square feet of space and multiple places for chickens to perch.Make sure there is a plentiful supply of food and water inside the chicken coop.
Wood beams mounted horizontally can provide good perching space for chickens.
If you are raising chickens for egg production, make sure there are enough chicken nesting boxes for each hen (usually one box per four hens will suffice).;
, Coop training requires that you keep your chickens inside the coop for a prolonged period of time. It’s important that you make sure your chickens won’t be too hot or they could suffer from health issues.Your chicken coop should not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit during coop training.
Install fans to reduce the temperature of your coop if it is too hot.
You may want to consider relocating your chicken coop to a shadier area of your yard if high temperatures continue to be an issue.

, Chickens are often stressed by a transition from one coop or yard to another. Young chickens that are transitioning into living in a coop may take even longer to adjust. Forcing the chickens to remain inside the coop for a week will force them to roost in the coop and begin to consider it a home.Make sure your coop allows you to easily replace food and water dishes without allowing the chickens to escape the coop. Most coops have small doors designed specifically for this purpose.
The bedding at the bottom of the coop will be very messy after a week, so make sure to remove soiled bedding at the completion of the week.

, After a week, open the door to the coop and allow the chickens to wander out into your yard or the area you have fenced in for them. Try not to interfere with them and instead allow them to wander freely.If the chickens do not return to the coop at dusk, it means they have not properly adjusted to it.
You may have to confine the chickens to the coop for another week in order to ensure they accept it as their home and a safe area.
Once the chickens have adjusted to the coop as their new home, they will return to it naturally when they sense danger, want to rest, or at sundown each day.

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