How to Train a Hamster or a Mouse to Walk on a Tightrope



Be patient.Mice and hamsters, like people, have limited attention spans.,
Train frequently.,
Look for signs of stress.,
Get help.

If it starts losing interest in the training session, put it back in its cage and try again another day.

Don’t expect each mouse or hamster to learn at the same rate.Every hamster and mouse is different. While some might learn to walk across the tightrope quickly, others will need more practice. Don’t hold every animal to the same standard.
If you have more than one mouse or hamster, and one of them is a particularly brilliant student, let your other mice or hamsters watch them walk the tightrope first and encourage the others to follow. They will learn from the example of their “leader.”, If you only train once a week, or once a month, your mouse or hamster will not learn how to walk across a tightrope. Practice the trick at least once each week. The more frequently you practice the trick, the faster your pet will learn it.However, do not wear your pet out. Performing the trick two or three times each day should be the maximum. More than that and you not only risk stressing your pet, you also risk indigestion, since its little stomach will fill quickly with all the treats you deliver when it completes the tightrope walk.

, Walking a tightrope can be a harrowing experience. (If you doubt it, just try it for yourself!) Pets that are hesitant or stressed by the experience might poo or pee excessively.If your pet is stressed, discontinue training.

Never force a mouse or hamster to walk the tightrope if it is uninterested or stressed., If you’re having a hard time getting your rodent friend to walk across a tightrope, consider working with a professional. There are many professional mouse trainers available.Check the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association’s list of trainers at to find a trainer near you.

While there is no national hamster training organization, there are many local organizations out there. Network with hamster lovers in these organizations to find someone who might be able to help you train your hamster to walk a tightrope.

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