How to Train a Hamster or a Mouse to Walk on a Tightrope



Familiarize your mouse or hamster with rope walking.Putting a few low-hanging, easily accessible ropes in your hamster or mouse’s cage.,
Earn your pet’s trust.,
Provide proper motivation.,
Extend the length that the mouse or hamster must walk.There are two ways to extend the length of rope your pet can walk.

This will give it the opportunity to develop its balance by playing and walking on the ropes.

Additionally, you could provide other agility-enhancing equipment. Mice and hamsters love jumping up and into stationary tire swings, under climbable wire frames, and through sea-saw tunnels.This equipment can be purchased at your local pet store.

, Train your mouse or hamster to do other, simpler tricks before training it to cross a tightrope.This will give it confidence when it comes time to teach it to walk a tightrope.

For instance, you could train your mouse or hamster to come and sit in your hand when called. To do this, offer a treat by placing it toward your wrist, so that the animal must come onto your hand to obtain the treat.
When your pet performs any trick or obeys any command successfully, say, “Great job!” and give it a tasty treat.

, If your mouse or hamster has nothing to gain from walking across the tightrope, it probably won’t want to do it. However, if you reward them with a small treat, they will respond enthusiastically to the tightrope training. Stick to healthy treats in small amounts to avoid making your pet sick. Tasty treats you could use to train your hamsters or mice include cauliflower, unsweetened cereals, blueberries, strawberries, and sunflower seeds.When your mouse first starts walking the tightrope, you should hold a treat just out of range of its snout. Move the treat along the length of the tightrope so that your mouse follows it. When your mouse successfully traverses the tightrope, give it the treat.

, One way is to lengthen the rope. The other way is to place your mouse or hamster further away from its end goal each time you have it walk the tightrope.

To extend the length of rope that your mouse or hamster walks on, start out with a very short length of rope of about six inches. Place your pet on one of the platforms that each end of the rope connects to. Slowly lengthen the rope each time your pet successfully walks the tightrope.
For instance, you might start out with a rope of about six inches, then push your pet to cross a rope of eight inches, then a rope of ten inches, and so on.
The other way you can get your hamster or mouse to negotiate longer ropes is to start out with it very close to the finishing end of the rope.
For instance, you can place your pet on the last four or five inches of the rope, and place a treat on the platform where the rope leads. The animal will scramble across the rope to get the treat. Next time you practice the trick, place your pet six to ten inches away from the end of the platform with the treat on it. Continue moving your mouse or hamster further away from the treat each time so that it has more time on the tightrope.

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