How to Train a Dwarf Hamster to Recognize Its Name



Use the name frequently.,
Use a treat to solidify the connection with its name.,
Wait until it comes to you after calling its name.,
Keep repeating the name/treat process until you no longer need the treat to lure it out.

If your hamster tries to bite you, put some gloves on.,
Feed your hamster regularly.,
Have someone else call your hamster’s name.

Whenever you are around your hamster, use its name. Handle your dwarf hamster every day too, to ensure the trust between you and your pet. This also keeps your pet stimulated and healthy.;
, When your dwarf is in its cage, open the door and call its name while holding something tasty. For example, use a treat of one sunflower seed or a raisin.

, Then give it the treat.

,, That way, if it bites you, it will not hurt. Eventually the hamster will trust you enough that you can take the gloves off and it won’t bite.

, During feeding, use your hamster’s name.

, After about a month of getting used to you calling its name, see if someone else can get the hamster to come forward at the call of its name. Have your friend or family member do this a few times a week over several weeks, until the hamster responds well to someone else too. Be persistent, as this can take some time to work.

Offer treats, as above.

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