How to Train a Cockatiel to Talk



Bond with the bird first.,
Make sure your cockatiel is healthy.,
Make sure your cockatiel is happy.

Human interaction is key to teaching a cockatiel to talk. While some people believe you can teach a bird to talk and tame it at the same time, this is a false belief. Instead, you need to bond with the bird and get it used to its home before talking training.

If you need some help taming a bird, your local veterinarian or pet store owner can help you, or an experienced friend can too.;
, Make sure your bird has enough food and water, as well as enough space in its cage. Also make sure that your bird is in good physical health by taking it for veterinary checkups on a regular basis. If your cockatiel is feeling under the weather, it is less likely to want to chat with you.

, Give it lots of attention and mental stimulation. Teaching the cockatiel to talk is part of that attention, but you also want to give it toys to play with and praise and affection whether it is talking or not.A cockatiel’s brain needs to be stimulated in order for it to be happy.

Also make sure that the bird is in an environment that it likes. That way the bird will feel more comfortable when learning words.

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