How to Train a Chicken to Come to You



Decide what your “call” will be.,
Teach your chicken “the call” they will hear when you want them to come.,
Teach them without them knowing it!,
Call your chicken!,
Enjoy your trained chicken!

Some calls people use are things such as “cluck-cluck!” or “here chickie-chick-chickie-chickie!” Use whatever you want, they’re chickens, they are not going to judge you.;
, When you use the call, you will be repeating the call until all of them come home.

, Have some sort of treat you feed your chickens that will be OK to give them daily. Some people use corn, some use “scratch” or use bread crumbs. While your chickens are enclosed, daily, feed this treat by scattering it on the floor in the chicken coop, just a little at a time. Every time you feed them this treat, make your “call” noise (remember to keep repeating until all of them come home). Do this every day. It is best to teach them that you give this treat in the same spot each time you give it. I do this with the food I give my hens every day when they are going to roost. if your birds are led by their bellies, they will pick it up quickly.

, Try this during a time when your chickens are out and don’t normally come back to the coop all at once. While standing in the chicken coop, proudly give your “call.” While calling, sprinkle the treat about, just as you have been doing when you were training them. They will come running to you.


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