How to Train a Cat to Jump Through a Hoop



Acquire everything listed below in the “Things you’ll need” section.,
Begin with your cat on the floor, hoop in one hand (at this stage the hoop should be touching floor and always vertical) touching the floor, treat visible in the other.,
Hold the hoop between your cat and the hand with the treat in it.,
Repeat this step until your cats has it down.

Raise the hoop about an inch or two.,
Keep raising the hoop and continue to make it more challenging.,
Your cat should now expect a treat every time s/he goes through.

, This is the starting position.

, The cat should go for the treat. If the cat tries to go around the hoop, block them with the hoop so that they go through the hoop. If they don’t go through, don’t give them a treat.

If they need help figuring it out, go back to the starting position and draw the hand with the the treat in it through the hoop. If they still can’t figure it out, put the treat hand through the hoop until it is just in front of the cats face. When the cat makes a move for the treat, pull it away slowly until the cat follows through the hoop. Give the cat the treat.

,, Repeat until the cat gets pretty good at it.

, If the cat goes under the hoop, do not give him/her the treat.

, Now start to wean him/her of this. Remember Pavlov? Give the cat treats enough times that they will continue to see the benefits of jumping, but not so little that they won’t jump at all.

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