How to Train a Cat Not to Jump on Your Furniture



Start training early.,
Say “no”.,
Be consistent.,
Set a noise trap.,
Place double-sided tape on the furniture.,
Spray your cat.,
Block the furniture.,
Figure out why your cat is jumping.,
Provide other things to jump on.,
Clicker train your cat to jump on other things.,
Give your cat new toys.

Train your cat immediately, whether you’ve brought home a new cat or just noticed your cat jumping on the furniture. Don’t assume that the cat will simply stop jumping or will grow bored with it. Instead, show your displeasure and let your cat know that she’s not allowed to jump on the furniture.

Avoid punishing your cat since she will not understand why you’re yelling, hitting, or spraying with water.;
, When you see your cat jump on the furniture, look at her and say “no” in a firm voice. Do not yell at her, but let her know you’re unhappy. Pick her up and remove her from the furniture while saying “no.” Set her down in a spot she’s allowed to be (like her cat bed, a cat tower, or some other comfy place that she enjoys).

Don’t punish your cat once you’ve removed her from the furniture. Let her go find somewhere else to explore.

, If your cat returns to the furniture and jumps on it, say “no” again and remove her. You need to do this every time you see your cat jump up on the furniture. Over time, she’ll associate jumping on the furniture with being removed from it.

Your cat will be confused if you only remove her some of the times she jumps on the furniture. Send a consistent message that jumping on the furniture is not allowed.

, Startle your cat by placing something like aluminum foil on the furniture. Your cat will be surprised by the noise when she jumps up on the furniture. You can also fill a can with rocks and shake it when you notice her jumping, although she shouldn’t see you shaking it. Instead, she should associate jumping on the furniture with a surprising noise.

Consider using something that will make noise when you’re not home (like the aluminum foil).

, Cats don’t like the feeling of being stuck, so place double-sided tape along all parts of the furniture. Your cat will probably jump up, feel uncomfortable, and then jump off. You may want to leave the adhesive on for a day or two, so that she understands not to jump on the furniture.

Some pet stores carry a double-sided adhesive that doesn’t leave a residue when it’s removed., Surprise your cat by spraying her with water or an unpleasant-tasting spray. You can buy bitter apple spray from pet stores. When you see your cat jump on the furniture, immediately spray her. This will startle her and she should begin to associate the furniture with an unpleasant surprise.

Spraying your cat with water might prevent her from jumping on the furniture, but some argue that it destroys your bond with your cat and can increase her stress level., This may be a hassle for you, but you may want to fill the furniture so that you cat can no longer jump on the furniture and rest comfortably. You might place books, large boxes, or just make it difficult for the cat to even get close to the furniture.

It may take a few days for your cat to move on. Be aware that very determined cats might keep trying to jump on the furniture, regardless of the obstacles you throw in her way.

, Know that your cat wants on the furniture for a reason. There may be a good view from the couch. Or, she may like cuddling on a big armchair. Your cat may be determined to keep jumping on the furniture and she might be doing it out of boredom.Remember that your cat isn’t jumping on the furniture to bother you. Don’t take the behavior personally, just work to prevent it.

, Your cat might be jumping on the furniture to get a good view. Help her look outside by hanging a cat shelf. This shelf can be hung low enough for your cat to jump up on and get to a window. Or, place several cat shelves so she can jump around.You can also place a cat tower near a window. This way, she can climb up and still get a good view.

, Teach your cat to respond to commands by using a clicking device. Make your cat associate the clicking sound of the device with reward. For example, click the device and give your cat a cuddle or treat. Do this a few times until she understands that she gets a reward after the click.Once your cat understands the clicker, use it to encourage her when she jumps onto places she’s allowed, like her bed, cat tower, or designated space., Your cat may be jumping up on the furniture because she’s bored. Offer her new toys to help her use up energy. Get several toys that you can scatter along the floor. This might also redirect her interest back to the floor and away from the furniture. Some good toys might be:Corks
Ping-pong balls
Plastic balls with bells inside
Sisal-wrapped tubes

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