How to Train a Cat



Use delicious treats.,
Make sure your cat is engaged.,
Try using a clicker.,
Keep training and play sessions short.,
Respect your cat.

Training a cat is slightly different from training a dog. A dog will learn tricks because he wants to please you; to train a cat, you need to respect his or her independence and provide enticing reasons for the cat to obey you. Pellets of dry cat food aren’t going to work, and neither is excessive praise, which cats are less interested in than dogs. The trick is to use high-quality treats that your cat will desire, like catnip, pieces of fresh chicken, or tuna., Before you begin trying to teach your cat a new trick, make sure he is aware that you’re trying to teach him something.

Hold the treat in front of your cat’s nose so he understands that there is a potential reward waiting for him.
Slowly move the treat in your hand over and behind his head. Continue to do this until your cat tips his head up and sits down on his bottom.
Praise your cat and give him the treat as soon as he completes the “trick” of sitting down.

, If you don’t have a clicker, you can use a retractable pen to make a similar noise.Give your cat a treat each time you use the clicker, so that he will come to associate the sound with getting a treat. Then use the clicker and a reward every time your cat accomplishes a new trick, like chasing a stick when you throw it. Eventually your cat will respond every time you throw the stick and click the clicker., Remember that your cat will get tired out. Aim for training and play sessions that run about 15 minutes, once or twice every day., As a cat owner, you are probably aware of your cat’s unique personality traits and independent nature. Never try to force a cat to do a trick he or she doesn’t want to do. Some cats will happily learn to use the toilet and flush it afterward, or perch on your shoulder while you walk around the house, while others prefer not to be bothered or touched. Learn to coexist with your cat so that you’re both getting something out of the relationship.

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