How to Train a Cat



Remove food.,
Make the counters unpleasant.,
Give him other climbing options.,
Keep the cat out.

If you keep food stored on the counter, including your cat’s food bowl, he may have come to think of the counter as a place to find food. Remove any food products from the counter, and keep the cat’s food bowl on the floor (while he’s using it) or in the sink to deter him from climbing up on the counter., One of the best ways to keep your cat from climbing on the counter is to make the counter an unpleasant place for him.Apply double-sided tape to one side of a plastic laminated placemat.Lay the placemats across the counter.Over time, your cat will come to associate the counter with the unpleasant experience of walking on tape.

, Cats love to climb, mostly because they enjoy being elevated off the ground. It’s possible that the kitchen counters are the highest “perch” your cat can reach. Give him other climbing options, like a cat “condo,” which you can set up anywhere in the house and offer your cat a satisfying climbing and perching experience., If your cat insists on climbing up on the counters whenever you are preparing food in the kitchen, keep your cat confined in a bedroom or bathroom, if at all possible. This will keep him from climbing and interfering with your kitchen plans. Let your cat out of confinement once you’re finished cooking/preparing food.

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