How to Tolerate an Annoying Brother



Keep calm.,
Don’t lash out or get angry.,
Ignore them.,
Get out of the situation.

The first thing you need to do when you are starting to get annoyed is to simply keep your cool. If you find a way to stay calm you will be better equipped to handle the annoyance rather than losing your cool and making the situation worse. Staying calm can sometimes actually influence your brother’s behavior and may cause him to stop what he is doing.Take some deep breaths. Count to ten. Think of something you enjoy. All of these can help you stay calm.
If he start tapping you on the shoulder, don’t immediately smack at him. Take a second to think before you act.
Keep your voice to a normal talking level rather than yelling.;
, Anger is like an infection and it will spread through you, increase, and can ruin your whole day. Telling yourself in the moment of annoyance that you are not going to get angry can have a huge impact on your overall attitude. Plus, if you do react in anger you might make things worse. You may end up causing physical violence or hurting your brother’s feelings in a way that will have lasting effects.Getting angry in this situation also means that you have given your brother power over your emotions which you don’t want to do. Getting angry could show them that you are weaker than he is and especially for younger brothers this might not be the outcome you want. If their goal was to make you angry, you have shown them that whatever they are doing works.

, This one may be really hard to actually do, but it can be effective. If the person is specifically trying to annoy you, then they want to get a reaction from you. If you can stay calm and completely ignore them, it just might make them give up what they are doing. You may have to maintain this posture of ignoring longer than you want to, but making your point could be worth it. Ignore them by not talking and not even looking at them.This can also be a good time to put headphones in your ears if they keep talking and you can’t ignore it anymore. Headphones will ideally block the sound of their voice making it easier to ignore them.
Maybe your brother is repeating everything you say. Two options that might work are to keep talking as if it doesn’t bother you or stop talking completely. If you keep talking, he might actually get tired of having to repeat you. If you stop talking, he can’t repeat anything you say.

, Sometimes you can’t ignore what your brother is doing, but you can go somewhere else in the house, or go outside, or actually leave the place entirely. When ignoring is not an option, or you try it and it doesn’t work, the best thing to do is simply walk away from him. This is a physical way to avoid potential conflict.If he follows you to where you went, you can try once more to go to another spot. If he continues following you, other techniques are called for.
Depending on the situation and what your brother is doing, you might be able to go sit in the room your parents are in. You don’t even have to say anything, but it might be enough to make him stop doing what he was doing.

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