How to Tolerate an Annoying Brother



Learn to not be annoyed by consistent actions.,
Let each instance of annoyance go.,
Set up boundaries and make deals.,
See the annoyance as training for life.

The thing your brother is doing that annoys you may be some type of long term practice or habit that he has. If this is the case, and if he shows no signs of stopping, you need to find a way to accept the behavior and learn to not be annoyed with it. If it goes on long enough and you get used to ignoring it, it may not even annoy you any more. This is a place of peace and calm that you can try to get to.For example, you might have a younger brother who always takes you CDs, books, clothes, or anything else and you can’t get him to stop. Start to consider that the reason he does this is that he likes the stuff you like and wants to be like you. Maybe you can even lend him stuff sometimes so he won’t have to take it.
Maybe he clears his throat a lot, and it gets on your nerves. If you try to remember that he is only doing it out of necessity, you might not find it so annoying.

, If your brother is annoying on a regular basis, each separate time can start to build up and make things worse each time. If you remember every time he annoyed you and you hold onto it, those memories will fuel your annoyance later on. Learn to let each separate annoying action go and forget about it. This will help you avoid a build up effect over time.At the end of each day, write down what your brother did that was annoying and throw the paper away. By specifically naming it, making physical evidence of it, and then dropping it in the trash, you may be able to forget about it.
Don’t mention the annoying things your brother did two weeks ago. It may give him the idea to do it again or it may just make you mad all over again even if he doesn’t repeat it.

, If you make some rules and agreements between the two of you, you can avoid some annoying situations in the future. Think about the things that are consistently annoying and come up with ways to avoid those. If you can make these rules and stick to them, you will make progress.For example, if you know that your brother always annoys you when you are working on homework, set up a rule that he has to leave you alone during homework time, but you will play with him right after you do your homework.
Make a deal that you will not go in each other’s room or touch the other’s stuff without asking.
If there are specific things that your brother does that annoy you, see if you can convince him not to do that thing around you. You can negotiate by offering to stop a behavior of yours when you are around him.

, You will always encounter people who annoy you, and having siblings can help you learn early in life how to deal with the annoyance. Changing the way that you think of the annoying behavior can be helpful. Consider your brother as a training course in anger management, tolerance, and patience. It is a hard attitude to adopt, but if you can do it, you will be less annoyed in the moment and you’ll be developing a valuable skill for the future.If you have a brother that talks non-stop, remember that you will encounter people like that your whole life. You can begin practicing methods of listening better or find ways to make them stop talking.
Maybe your brother asks you the same question over and over again even when you have already answered him. People often have a hard time hearing or paying attention, so you may have to repeat yourself a lot later in life anyway. Learn to do it patiently even when you are annoyed.

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