How to Tolerate an Annoying Brother



Ask if they are being annoying on purpose.,
Say something kind to your brother.,
Laugh at the annoying thing.,
Give them something to do.

Sometimes brothers do things on purpose to annoy you, but maybe the thing they are doing is not meant to be annoying. If they seem to be doing something on their own, without regard to you, it can be beneficial to simply ask them if they are intending to be annoying. You can tell them the thing annoys you and respectfully ask them if they will stop.For example, your brother might start tapping his foot and you can hear it across the room. It’s likely that even though it annoyed you, he was doing it without thinking. This can be a time to ask if he is doing it on purpose.
You can say, “It’s kind of annoying me that you are doing (fill in the blank). Are you doing on purpose?” If they say no, you can politely ask them to stop. “Would you please stop then because it’s making it hard for me to concentrate.”

, This can be a good avoidance technique because it will bring positivity to an otherwise negative situation. Tell your brother something that you really like or appreciate about them. This will also serve to throw him off and confuse him which could distract him from the annoying behavior.

You can say, “I love you,” tell him he is really cool, or say how much fun you have with him. Tell him he is a great brother. You can also repeat this to him multiple times which could actually annoy him and get him to leave you alone.

, Since sometimes your brother is seeking your attention, you may be able to get them to stop by giving them your attention by laughing at the annoying behavior. This is potentially risky because it might only spur them on more, but it can act to diffuse the tension as well. You may even change your own attitude about it if you fake laughter at first because you might end up laughing for real.Maybe your brother starts making a seal noise and he just won’t stop. He probably knows it’s annoying and he may be doing it on purpose. If you laugh and compliment how accurate his sound is, that may be enough to get him to stop.

, Your brother might be annoying you simply because he is bored and doesn’t know what else to do. You can work with this. Give him a specific task to do or give him an idea of something fun.You might have a chore that you don’t want to do and you could convince him you can’t do it. Tell him you really need his help to do the thing you can’t do. Or just give him an idea like tell him to go ride his bike or read a book. He may just not have thought of something fun.
You could even trick him by saying, “Man, I really wish I could go play with our racetrack right now but I have to finish what I am doing.” If you are lucky, this will make him want to go do that thing and he’ll leave you alone.

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