How to Text a Guy You Like



Ask a good question.,
Be original.,
Be engaging.,
Be flirtatious.,
Be interesting.,
Know when to end the conversation.,
Leave him with something to think about.,
Don’t be too needy.,
Don’t be too eager.,
Don’t embarrass yourself.

Starting your texting session with a question is a great way to show you’re interested in your crush and to make it easy for him to respond. He will also appreciate that you’re being direct, and that you’re not wasting his time with a text that he doesn’t even know how to answer. Here are some ways to ask a good question:

Ask him something specific about himself. This will show that you’re interested in what he’s been up to.
Ask him something he can easily answer. Don’t ask him about what he thinks is the meaning of life; ask him how he did on his math test.
Be direct. He will appreciate a question that is clear and not too wordy.
Ask an open-ended question. If you ask him something that he can answer in just a few words, then it will be hard to continue the conversation. Instead of saying, “When did you get home last night?” ask, “How was the party last night?” This will give him more to work with.;
, He will be impressed by you if you don’t just send him the kind of text anyone could send. Instead of just saying hello, you can ask an interesting question, or tell him something that will make him want to respond to you and pursue the conversation further.

Make him laugh. Being clever early on will make him want to make you laugh in return.
Make a witty observation. This is another great way to start, as long as he knows how to answer your statement.
Don’t try too hard to craft the perfect opening. If you do, he will be able to tell.

, You should let him know that you’re able to keep up a lively conversation, and keep things open so he feels like it’s easy to keep talking to you. Being engaging means not only giving the right response to him, but making it easy for him to keep the conversation going. Here’s how to do it:

Ask him about something he’s done. He’ll love to tell you more about himself. This will also show that you pay attention to the things he tells you.
Be witty. Don’t just say “hahaha” if he says something funny. This will end the conversation. Instead, fire back with something equally funny to show that you can play ball.
Tell him something he’s never heard before. Maybe you heard something really weird on the news, or you were impressed by a random fact. Tell him what you know and he’ll ask some questions to follow up.
Be playful. He’ll appreciate seeing your silly side and will be silly back if you set the right tone. You can show that you’re smart without taking yourself too seriously, and he will love that.

, If you’re at the level where you’re ready to flirt, then you should have fun with him without giving your feelings away too much. Flirting will make him excited to talk to you, and he’ll be impressed by your boldness as long as you don’t go overboard. Here’s what to do:

Tease him. Don’t be afraid to tease him a little bit, and to be teased back.
If you’re at the right stage in your relationship, let him know what you’re wearing, and he’ll be even more excited to see you.
Send him an occasional winky face, or make a cute innuendo that lets him know you’re excited to see him on your next date…and that things may get hot and heavy when you do.

, If you want to keep him interested, you have to be interesting. You should show him that you’re a well-rounded person with a variety of interests and friends and that you’re always up to something new. He should think that you have a busy life and should feel lucky that you have time to talk to him through texting. If he feels like you spend all your time waiting around for a text from him, then he’ll quickly lose interest.

Show that you have a life. Let him know when you’re going out with friends, taking a karate class, or watching a new movie. He’ll know that your life doesn’t revolve around talking to him, and will want to be a part of it even more.
Find a common interest. Though you may not have time for a deep conversation when you’re texting, he’ll be more excited to talk to you if he finds out you like the same band or have the same favorite TV show.
Mention something that you’re passionate about. This will show him that you are a driven person with a variety of interests.

, It’s important to end things at the right time so your guy stays interested. If he’s always the one to end the conversation, or if you just keep dragging the conversation on when he’s busy or when there’s nothing left to say, then he will leave the conversation without wanting more. Here’s how to know when to end the conversation:

If you’re just struggling to find anything to talk about.
If he’s giving you one word responses, like “Yes,” or “No,” then he may not want to keep talking.
If he’s not asking you any questions back, then he may only be responding to you out of politeness.
If he’s always the one to end the conversation. Mix things up and make sure that you’re the one who has to go at least half the time.

, You shouldn’t just end the conversation by saying, “See ya!” Instead, you should leave the conversation open so it will be easy for you to chat again. This can be as simple as telling him you’re looking forward to seeing him, or letting him know about something interesting that you’re doing so he can ask about it later. Here’s how to do it:

If you’ve already started casually seeing each other, there’s no harm in letting him know that you’re excited to see him.
If you’ve started hooking up, tell him that you can’t wait to show him the new lingerie you bought for your date. Leave him with a sexy image in his mind, so he’ll be anticipating your new panties.
Tell him where you have to go. If you’re going to a concert of a band you both like, tell him so he can ask about it later.
Leave an opening for him to ask you out. Casually mention that you’re going out with a few friends and that it would be fun to hang out with him. If he wants to see you and isn’t too shy, he may ask.

, The last thing a guy wants is a girl who is too needy. If you’re already showing signs that you’re needy over texts, then he will have no doubt that you’re even needier in person. Your texts should be fun and breezy, and should not make him feel like you want something from him. Here’s what not to do:

Don’t ever say, “Did you get my text?” Unless his phone was stolen, then yes, he got your text, and he didn’t feel like answering. Don’t make the situation more uncomfortable than it needs to be.
You can ask about his weekend, but don’t ask if he hooked up with another girl, or if he saw any cute girls out at the bar last night. This will just make you look jealous, and a little creepy.
Don’t send him a question mark if he doesn’t respond to your text. This will make him feel like you’re breathing over his shoulder and that you’re desperate to hear from him.

, Your texts should let your guy know that you’re into him, and that you’re a cool chick to talk to. Your texts should not make the guy feel like you’re obsessing over talking to him and that you’re at his back and call and are willing to put your life on hold to respond to him. Here are some things you should not do to avoid looking too eager:

Don’t say, “You there?” if he hasn’t responded in five minutes.
Don’t text him twice or three times in a row. Wait for him to respond first.
Don’t respond too quickly. You don’t want it to look like you’re just waiting around for a text from him. If he’s taken four hours to respond to you, don’t fire back an answer as soon as you hear from him. Take six hours to respond to him — or even seven.
Don’t keep the conversation going when he clearly wants to stop. If he’s only giving you one word answers, or barely answering, lay off.
Don’t use too many emoticons. The occasional winky face or smiley face will let him know you’re flirting, but a million exclamation marks or smiley faces will scare him off.
Don’t text him when you’re supposed to be having fun. If you’re out with your girlfriends or at a party, you can send him the occasional text to let him know you’re thinking of him, but don’t make him think that you don’t know how to have fun because you’re too busy being tied to your phone.

, The last thing you want to do when you’re texting a guy you like is to completely embarrass yourself. Once you embarrass yourself through your texts, it may be hard to strike up a conversation again, and even harder to build a relationship with the person you like. Here are some things you should not do:

Avoid revealing how you really feel about him. Texting is the time to be cute and to further your relationship. It’s not the time to pour your heart out. This is something you can do in person, once the time is right. Telling him how much you like him via text will make you look a bit desperate and afraid of having a real conversation in person.
Don’t text him nine times in a row with your deep feelings. If he has stepped away from the phone for a while and returns to a filled inbox, he will just be freaked out.

Do not send him nude photos. Even if your relationship has progressed and you’ve had some sexy time, this is the stupidest thing you can do. Not only may he think you’re too forward, but if you don’t know him that well, he can end up being a creep and may hold it against you later.

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