How to Tell Your Friend Their Crush Doesn’t Like Them



Be blunt with purposeful, determined friends.,
Focus on the positive with creative friends.,
Be patient with your more gentle, caring friends.,
Give the analysts time and space.

For this kind of friend, don’t bother trying to dress up the bad news. Don’t use clichés and don’t try to make them see the bright side. Just give it to them straight.

The way you deliver your message has to be tailored to the type of friend you’re dealing with. This will make the message more effective, and makes it easier for your friend to accept the truth.
An example of a message tailored to this kind of friend: “I spoke to Lisa yesterday, and she told me she doesn’t like you the way you like her. Sorry.”;
, These friends are usually the loudest, and you’ll often find them planning social outings; they’re the passionate and outgoing type. With them, you need to work on the content and delivery of your message. Help them see the silver lining in the situation by focusing on helping them move on.

For these friends, an example delivery would look like: “So I talked to Greg. He doesn’t see you that way but you’re worth it, and you deserve someone who’ll think so. Now let’s do something to make you feel better!”, People with this kind of personality don’t have the best reaction to bad news; they tend to get a bit stubborn and drag their heels. Bad news like this needs a bit of reinforcement to sink it for this kind of person, but you need to make sure you provide a lot of reassurance over time.

With these friends, say something like: “Mary told me she doesn’t have a crush. It’s going to hurt for a bit, but you can get through this. Keep your chin up.”, For your brainier friend who’s used to thinking everything through, be prepared for a lengthier process. After you give them the bad news, they’ll need some time to process things before they start asking questions or really needing your help. Take this time to prepare for their questions and be ready to support them.

Introducing these news to this kind of friend will sound something like: “So I spoke to Bryan, and he doesn’t have a crush on you. Take your time, think about it, I’m here if you want to talk about it.”

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