How to Tell Your Friend Their Crush Doesn’t Like Them



Talk to your friend’s crush.,
Decide if telling your friend is the right thing to do.,
Don’t psyche yourself out.,
Come out and tell your friend.

You need to start by confirming that they don’t like your friend. Try to be subtle when asking your friend’s crush what their feelings are. Revealing your friend’s identity could cause some serious embarrassment. Casually ask this crush who they’re interested in. You can try listing names and asking whether the people listed appeal to the crush or not.

If your friend’s crush tells you they don’t like your friend, take a hint. Don’t try to change their mind, and be civil as you leave the conversation.

, Ask yourself why you wanted to know this information, and why you want to tell your friend. If your friend asked you to find out, then you can let them know the answer without worrying. If you went and sought this information on your own, check your motivations.

If you heard your friend’s crush making fun of them, or if you know for a fact they’re interested in someone else, you’re doing the right thing in telling your friend.

, The more you tell yourself how difficult this conversation is going to be, the more difficult it will become. You’ll get nervous about telling your friend the news, and you might put it off indefinitely. Worse, you might tell them when you’re completely unprepared. Stay relaxed, and try to handle the situation calmly.

Remind yourself that you’re doing this for the right reasons. You want to save your friend the embarrassment and pain of pursuing someone who won’t return their affection., The worst thing you can do after finding out your friend’s crush doesn’t like them is to sit on the information. You might feel the temptation to hold off on telling them, hoping that their crush will come around, but all you’re really doing is delaying the inevitable. After you’ve spent some time thinking about how best to break the news to your friend, you need to get over your apprehension and actually tell them.

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