How to Tell Your Friend Their Crush Doesn’t Like Them



Respect your friend’s feelings.,
Don’t take anything they say personally.,
Help your friend think of the future.,
Reinforce their self-worth.

Remember that rejection is difficult. Your friend might lash out or retreat inwards and blame themselves for the situation. No matter their reaction, you need to make sure you’re respectful and treat them with dignity. Telling your friend to “man up” or to “stop being a baby” is a sure fire way of making them feel worse about the whole situation.

If your friend lashes out and starts insulting their crush, tell them that while you understand how they feel, they should avoid using insults. Remind them that it’s not helpful or kind to lob insults, even when you’re in pain., Your friend, in their pain and frustration, might react by taking it out on you. Don’t take this to heart: you’re not to blame. Rejection is hard, and your friend might be lashing out at the first target they see to vent their frustrations. While helping your friend through their feelings, you can remind them that they shouldn’t attack you.

If your friend asks why you told them, explain to that it’s for their own good; you didn’t want to see them pursue someone who’s not interested in them.

, Don’t think your job is done once you’ve told your friend the truth about their crush. After delivering the hard truth, make sure you stick around to support your friend.

Help by thinking of solutions. If you can think of a better match for your friend, try to get your friend thinking about them instead. If your friend has a big project coming up soon, try to help them focus on that., It’s important to help your friend remember that they’re still someone worthy of love. The important thing is to help them save face; just because this crush doesn’t like them doesn’t mean no one else will. Use compliments! Reinforce your friend’s qualities by saying them out loud. Remind them that these things make them a great catch, and that someone will see that too.

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