How to Tell Your Crush How You Really Feel



Talk to your crush alone.,
Keep it simple and friendly.,
Come out with what you want to say.,
Explain your feelings for your crush.,
Wait for your crush’s response.

It’ll only be embarrassing for both of you if others are around and even more so if your crush rejects you. You could have a friend waiting in the wings to give you courage and be there for you afterward but don’t have this person anywhere near you and your crush when you decide to talk.

Wait for a time when you’re not in a group or surrounded by others.
Be sure things won’t be rushed. Don’t leave it till the bell is about to ring.;
, Don’t do the whole “I have something terribly serious” routine. It is an immediate giveaway and also suggests that you are a bit clingy or dramatic, which could frighten off your prospective date. Instead, find the right moment and just say: “Can we have a chat… alone?” and suggest that you sit somewhere pleasant.

Ensure that the spot is comfortable and sufficiently private before talking.

, If you’re at the point of explaining your feelings, it’ll mean you’ve already done the soul searching and deep thinking. Now is the time for action. Be confident and start with some small talk to ease yourself into the situation, asking how school is, what the weekend’s plans are, etc.

, There is no one single right way to explain it, that’s up to you and how you’d like to express it. The main thing is to get to the point, to keep it simple and to avoid gushing. Here are some possible ways to open up:

“I have a crush on you. I was just wondering if you feel the same way, do you? If you don’t I will completely understand”.
“I like you. I’d love to go on a date with you some time soon.”
“We’ve been hanging out together for a long time now. My feelings for you are deeper than friendship and I wanted to tell you I’ve been crushing on you for a while now. I hope you feel the same way too.”

, He or she will either be receptive to your admission or a little taken aback. If they are of the same mind and tell you so, be happy and suggest the chance for a date. If not, well, at least you’ve expressed yourself and know the reality of the situation. However, give things some time; remember that your crush may be someone who needs time to digest things. Here are some suggested replies:

If he/she says yes, be happy and give them a hug. Say: “Thanks for letting me know you feel the same way too. It’ll be much easier not having to keep my feelings to myself!” And you can suggest a first date.
If he/she says no, be polite and kind. Say “Oh, that’s okay, I understand. We have different feelings and that’s okay, I just wanted to let you know what I felt. I’m sorry if I’ve surprised you, it’ll all be okay.” Then suggest you stay good friends and let things be as they’ve always been. Head off to find your friend for moral support.
If you do get rejected, be polite enough to never speak of it again. Rejection is part of life, gossiping about or maligning the other person doesn’t make it any better. Just let it go; there is someone else out there for you.

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