How to Tell when a Hen Is Ready to Lay



Provide a suitable area for laying.,
Check the comb and waddles.,
Observe nesting behavior.,
If you have a rooster(s), the hens will begin to allow him to mate with her.

Before she begins to lay, be sure that she will have a dark, private place to go when she needs to.
, When the hen is near the point of laying, these will grow noticeably and redden in color. The comb and waddles act as a cooling system for the bird, because they do not sweat. The blood runs through the comb, for instance, and cools as it moves further away from the body.

When hens lay, the cloaca (vent) becomes bright red in color and expands to allow the egg passage.

, Often, the day before the hen lays her first egg, she may practice sitting in the nesting box if there is one available., If not, then a hand placed over the hen’s back will often stimulate the hormones, and she will crouch and spread her wings slightly.

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