How to Tell the Difference Between Crows and Ravens



Look at pictures of crows and ravens.,
Consider the size.,
Note the color of the feathers.,
Observe the tail feathers.,
Remember that ravens have shaggy looking feathers at their throats.,
Notice differences in the beaks.,
Listen to the vocalizations.,
Count how many of them there are together.

This is an American Crow
This is a Common Raven;
, The Common Raven is approximately 25 inches (63.5 cm) long, with a wingspan of 40 to 59 inches (101.6 to 149.9 cm). That is about twice the size of the average American Crow, or about the size of a red tailed hawk.

, Both crows and ravens have iridescent feathers, however crows may have a slight greenish tint to theirs, and a raven’s will be more of a bluish shine.

, A crow’s tail feathers are all the same length, so when the crow is in flight the tail will look squared off. A raven’s tail has a longer middle feather, and it is more in the shape of a wedge.

, These are especially prominent when they are vocalizing.

, Where a crow’s beak is fairly short and slightly curved along its entire length, a raven’s beak is longer and straight until the tip where it curves downward.

, The American Crow makes the well known “caw” noise, which is repetitive. A raven’s most commonly used vocalization is deeper and is more of a croaking sound.

, Crows are found in large colonies, while ravens are more solitary. You will probably only find one or two ravens together at any one point in time.

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