How to Tell the Difference Between a Cockatiel and a Cockatoo



Look at size.,
Pay attention to coloring.,
Examine the tail.

First, consider the size of the birds. Cockatiels are generally much smaller than cockatoos. Cockatoos do range in size, as they come in a variety of types, but can grow up to 26 inches tall. Cocktails, conversely, are usually only 13 to 14 inches tall. If you’re dealing with a smaller bird, it’s probably a cockatiel.However, a young cockatoo may be smaller if he is not yet full grown. Therefore, do not rely on size alone. Pay attention to other aspects of the bird’s appearance to determine if he’s a cockatoo or a cockatiel.;
, Cockatiels and cockatoos also differ in terms of color. Examine the bird’s color patterns to help you tell if you’re dealing with a cockatoo or a cockatiel.

Cockatoo’s colors do vary somewhat by species. However, nearly all cockatoos are mostly solid in color with a few small patches of different colors here and there. Most commonly, a cockatoo’s base color will be black or white. A few breeds of cockatoo may have pink or gray as their base color. If you’re dealing with a larger mostly even-colored bird, you’re likely dealing with a cockatoo.Cockatiels are far more colorful in appearance. In the wild, cockatiels are gray with white patches on their wings and green and yellow patches on their tails. Cockatiels bred in captivity come in a wide variety of colors that do not occur in nature, having patches of reds, browns, and yellows throughout their bodies. A smaller, more colorful bird is likely a cockatiel., Cockatiels also have a specific type of tail. If you’re still unsure if a bird is a cockatiel or cockatoo, this may help you clarify. A cockatiel’s tail is very long, making up about half of the bird’s length. When a cockatiel flies, its tail will spread out like a fan.

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