How to Tell the Difference Between a Cockatiel and a Cockatoo



Listen to the sounds the bird makes.,
Consider social needs.,
See if the bird imitates household sounds.,
Give the bird puzzle toys.

In terms of behavior, the noises a bird makes can help you identify a cockatiel versus a cockatoo. Pay attention to how your bird expresses itself vocally.

Cockatoos are generally louder. They talk more and may imitate words you say frequently.Cockatiels have softer, squeakier voices. They tend to make bird-like sounds more often than they talk. When they do speak, their voices are often harder to understand than a cockatoo., In terms of social needs, cockatiels and cockatoos are very different. Between the two birds, cockatoos are far more social. They require a lot of time out of the cage with their owners and may become stressed if left alone too long. A cockatoo will be openly affectionate of his owner, wanting to be physically close a lot. Cockatiels, while friendly with people, are less socially needy. They’re content to be alone for longer periods., Both cockatoos and cockatiels can imitate household sounds, like the noise of a car outside or the sound of a phone ringing. However, cockatiels may be slightly more likely to do so.However, as both birds do imitate noises, consider other factors first when trying to differentiate between a cockatoo and cockatiel.

, Cockatoos are known to enjoy puzzle toys. These are toys in which a bird has to dismantle some kind of contraption in order to get a toy or a treat. A cockatoo may be more interested in a puzzle toy than a cockatiel.However, like imitating household sounds, this is not the best means of identification. Consider a bird’s appearance, voice, and social needs first.

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