How to Tell if Your Pet Budgie Likes You



Make sure your bird’s physical needs are met.,
Make him feel safe.,
Give your parakeet toys.,
Encourage your parakeet to trust you.

Forgetting to feed or give water to your bird is very dangerous to the bird’s health, and could over time reduce your bird’s overall happiness and trust in you. Always be sure that your bird has enough clean drinking water, and be sure to feed him an appropriate diet.Make sure your bird has access to seeds, grains, beans, vegetables, nutritious pellets, and occasional fruit.Do NOT give your bird chocolate, avocado, salty foods, garlic, onion or any human snack foods., Your bird views his cage as a home within your home. Making your bird’s cage as comfortable as possible will help him feel safer in your home, and may help him feel more caring toward you.Be sure your bird’s cage is big enough. It should also be kept away from direct sunlight, out of reach from any other pets you may have, and away from loud or frightening sources of noise, such as televisions and radios., Parakeets love to play, and providing your bird with fun, challenging toys will make him happy and content.

Be sure your parakeet has toys that allow him to climb, as well as toys that are colorful and make noise.Give your parakeet a swing inside his cage, and make sure he has plenty of perch space inside the cage.Get your parakeet toys that are safe to chew on. Look for toys with wooden components, or solid, sturdy beads that can be bitten and chewed., You can do this by showing your bird that you are safe and friendly. Speak to your bird often, and use soothing, calm tones. You should also allow your bird to eat and play outside his cage, and encourage him to interact with you. Over time, your bird will feel safe and comfortable around you, and he will come to show you affection.

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