How to Tell if Your Guinea Pig Is Pregnant



Consider whether your guinea pig was in the presence of a boar.,
Observe her eating habits.,
Check her weight.,
Feel for piglets.

Boars are male guinea pigs. If a female guinea pig has been in the presence of a boar, then she will have almost certainly tried to mate and has a high chance of becoming pregnant.

Male guinea pigs can impregnate a female at as young as 3 weeks old and a female guinea pig can become pregnant at as young as 4 weeks old, so don’t be doubtful if your guinea pig is pregnant due to age.;
, A pregnant sow will begin to drink and eat more as the pregnancy advances. She may eat up to triple the amount she usually consumes. She may also drink more water than normal. Keep in mind that “normal” is relative to your guinea pig’s usual habits.

However, do not assume that your guinea pig is pregnant based on just how much she is eating or drinking. All animals, for example, tend to eat more when it’s cold, when they’re having a growth spurt, and when they’re suffering from certain illnesses., A female guinea pig’s weight will increase significantly if she’s pregnant. Guinea pigs typically weigh about 1.5-2 lbs.In general, by the end of a pregnancy, the pregnant guinea pig’s weight will have doubled; the piglets usually make up more than half of the sow’s weight.

A good idea is to weigh your female guinea pig regularly (perhaps weekly) and to record the weight. This way you can keep track of her weight in order to determine any patterns of weight gain that may be indicative of a pregnancy.
However, if your sow is not yet mature and is less than 6-8 months of age, she will still be growing and thus weight gain may not be indicative of pregnancy.

, If you feel your guinea pig’s womb very carefully, you may be able to detect the fetuses if she is pregnant. Usually, you can identify the fetuses in her womb from around 2 weeks after mating. Treat the sow with care and never handle her roughly. When feeling your guinea pig’s abdomen, never apply pressure or squeeze the area since this could harm both the piglets and the sow.To feel for fetuses, place the sow on a towel on a firm surface. This will keep your guinea pig from slipping. With your non-dominant hand hold her steady around the shoulders, with her head facing away from you. Use your dominant hand to feel her belly. Begin by making a “C” shape with your thumb and first finger, and then sliding the thumb over the top of her tummy and the forefinger underneath her belly. Gently press inwards and see if you feel any lumps or bumps inside her tummy.
If pregnant, your guinea pig may have a single piglet or up to 3-4. If several fetuses are present, you will feel several bumps spaced across her tummy, each of a similar size.
However, be aware that other things can feel like bumps in the abdomen. The kidney, bladder, or even fecal pellets can all be easily mistaken for fetuses. Bumps can also indicate ovarian cysts or tumors. If you feel something and you’re not certain what it is, then consult your veterinarian.

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