How to Tell if He Likes You



Notice how he talks to you.,
Notice what he talks about.,
See how he talks about other girls.

The way he talks to you can say a lot about his real feelings for you. The next time you hang out, pay attention to his tone and the level of attention he gives you when you speak. Here are some ways to see if he likes you just based on how you talk to each other:

See if he makes eye contact. Is he giving you his full attention, or looking around the room for something better to do? Is he breaking eye contact occasionally but smiling because he feels shy around you?
See if he’s giving you his full attention when he talks to you. Is he checking his phone and stopping to talk to other people? If so, then he may not be trying to impress you. But if he talks to you like you’re the only person in the world, then he may have a big crush on you.
See if he tries to impress you. Does he tell stories that make him look strong, funny, or adventurous? If so, then he probably wants to catch your eye.
See if he talks more softly when he’s around you. This may be his way of telling you to lean in to get closer.;
, If the guy has you firmly planted in his friend zone, then he’ll talk to you differently than he would if he was trying to impress you and make you see him as more than a friend. You should pay attention not only to how he talks to you, but to what he chooses to talk about.

See if he reveals personal information. If he’s opening up to you about trouble with his friends or family, then he values your opinion and likes you. But if he’s opening up to you about a new girl he likes, then you may have a problem.
See if he mentions his childhood. This is pretty private for most guys, and if he opens up about it, then he’s definitely trying to get closer to you.
See if he compliments you. If he tells you that you look nice, or finds subtle ways to let you know you’re interesting or funny, then he may be falling for you.
See if he teases you. If he feels comfortable enough around you to tease you, then he might like you.
See if he tries to be more refined around you. If you notice him burping, cursing, and being generally a little bit gross around his bros, but find him never cursing and speaking in a measured and polite way around you, then he’s trying to impress you.

, If he talks to you about other girls, it’ll be for one of two reasons. Either he likes you and wants to make you jealous, or he just sees you as a friend and wants your advice. Here’s how to find out what it means when he tells you about other ladies:

If he’s always complaining about women he’s dating or says, “None of them are what I’m looking for,” then he may be hinting that you’re the one.
If he always asks you for romantic advice no matter who he’s dating, then he may see you as a friend. If he says that you give the best advice, he may not be looking at you as more than a friend.
If he’s always talking about his latest conquest but not asking for advice, he could just be showing off to win you over. But be careful – you don’t want to end up being just another number in his little black book.
If he ever compares a girl to you unfavorably by saying something like, “She’s cool, but she’s not nearly as funny as you,” then he’s telling you he’d rather be dating you instead.

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