How to Tell if He Likes You



Ask your friends what they think.,
If you’re feeling bold, ask his friends.,
Ask him yourself.

If you have some close friends who are always hanging around you two, then you may be able to ask them if they think he really likes you. You may be too blinded by Cupid’s arrow to be able to see the situation clearly, but one of your friends may have more insight.

Ask a friend you trust who already knows the situation well. If she’s seen you hang out a bunch of times, she should have an opinion.
Ask a friend to study the two of you next time you’re together and to report back. Just make sure the friend isn’t being too obvious.
Pick a friend whose opinion and judgment you value. Pick someone with good social sense to get the best answer.
Tell your friends to be honest. If they really don’t think he likes you, or even know that he likes someone else, then you should benefit from the truth.

, This is a very dangerous step. There are few boys who would break “bro code” and not run and report your question back to your crush. But if you don’t know who else to ask or if you really trust one of his friends, then casually ask how he feels about you.

Though this is a riskier step, his friends will have a better answer than your friends, since they have first-hand information from your guy.
Ask his friend if he likes you could also just be a sneaky way to let him know how you feel. If you’re too scared to tell him yourself, this information will get back to him ASAP if you tell the wrong person.

, Once you’re feeling fairly confident that the guy likes you and are tired of waiting around and reading the signs, it may be time to just tell him how you feel and ask if he feels the same way. He could be really shy and may be relieved that you’re taking the initiative. Here’s how to ask him if he really likes you:

Find some time to be alone with him. Make sure you don’t ask him when his friends are looking over your shoulder.
Be honest and open. Just say you have a crush on him and want to know if he shares your feelings. Before he responds, let him know that it’s no big deal if he doesn’t like you.
You should only do this if you’re pretty sure that he likes you. If he has exhibited multiple signs of liking you, then be bold and ask him. If he has shown no signs of liking you, then it may be time to wait to see what happens.

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