How to Tell if a Guy in Middle School Likes You



Pay attention to what he does.,
Catch him if he takes frequent glances in your direction.,
Check for smiles.,
Consider whether he has tried to talk to you or followed you.,
Notice if he laughs or talks about random things around you.,
Watch for a constant need to butt in.,
Consider whether he is always making an excuse to talk to your friends.,
Notice where he sits.,
Notice if you see him frequently all of the sudden.,
Consider competitiveness as a possible sign of liking you.,
Watch for him asking you to be his study buddy.,
Watch how he responds when you are with another guy.,
Give him the death glare.

Does he try to touch you? Even just little touches relatively frequently could indicate he likes you.

Do you ever find him poking you or tickling you? If so, this is called flirting 101! Touch is a useful way to tell if a guy likes you, because guys flirt with girls they don’t even like all the time, depending on who they are. So if he tickles or touches you, he is obviously flirting.;
, Looking sheepish or pretending to think every time you catch him looking at you is a sign of interest. Do you ever glance over at him and catch him staring at you? If you do, there is hope that he likes you. But it also depends on how often you catch him looking or how long you do. Don’t give up yet!

If you catch him looking at you every day in every class, multiple times for more than three seconds, you’re in luck! Usually if he likes you he will stare a you for a bit and not lose eye contact after a few seconds and will continuously do it.
If you catch him looking at you for a couple seconds but he looks away, this is still a good sign, as long as he does it more than once.
If he only looks at you for a second but turns away during one class, he probably has no feelings for you. He is probably just looking around.
If he looks away and smiles, this could mean he likes you.
If he keeps looking and laughs after, this could also mean he likes you.

, If he is smiling at you a lot, this is a great sign of fondness.

, It is a positive sign if the guy you like tells a lot of jokes near you. Usually this means that the guy wants to be near you. Also, notice if he is near members of your group in science class for example, and he all of the sudden talks to them a lot. This means he wants to get an excuse to get closer to you.

, If a guy really likes you, he will usually try to find ways to talk to you, even goofy ways.

Remember that guys often have a hard time talking to girls because they’re nervous. If he stutters or gives awkward replies, it could be a sign that he likes you.

, Do you ever find him butting into your conversations with a friend? This could mean he is trying to spark a conversation with you and wants to talk. Let him! Joke around a bit to let him know you accept him.

, Is he coming up often and talking to your friends but not necessarily you? He may be working his way around to you, and using your friends as the excuse to be near.

, If he sits beside you or somewhere close and then tries to talk to you, this is a good sign.

, If he starts showing up where ever you are, he may be following you to find a good time to talk to you.

, Have you ever found him trying to race or compete with you in gym class? This is also an obvious way to tell if guys like you. He will probably try to catch up with you and give you sarcastic comments that make you want to beat him. This competitiveness will be a great way to show him what you got and flirt at the same time.

, Asking you to be his partner in class or to come over and study could mean he likes you (or it could mean he is picking your brains for his assignment, so do be careful here). Furthermore, if you decline and he later denies having anything to do with asking you, he may be interested.

For example: If there is a math problem that he couldn’t do, or any other example, and he gets up and comes to you even if he could have gotten the answer from someone else, such as his best friend, this is an indication that he likes you.

, If he overreacts when you spend time with another guy, it might be a sign of his interest in you. Beware though, if he’s a controlling type, an overreaction is not a sign of affection but one of control.

Does he ever get angry or upset when you are talking to or are fooling around with other boys? Does he give you looks? This could mean that he is jealous! This is also another obvious way to tell if he likes you. By seeing another guy with you, he wishes it could be him talking and laughing to you.

, You can often find out if a guy likes you by looking him straight in the eyes and asking him if he likes you. If he blushes, smiles slightly, or says nothing, this could mean he likes you. Try it!

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